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1. General Requirements

The individual articles (co-authors) are accepted. The volume of the text: 8 – 12 printed pages with two or three illustrations (figures, tables). The articles should clearly and concisely, without excessive mathematical formulas reveal the new and original material that is reached by the authors in their practice. It is necessary to avoid the repetitions and unnecessary detail and generally known provisions that can be invoked, indicating the corresponding number in the reference list that is attached.

The electronic version of the article is performed in the editor Microsoft Word, and the file must be saved in the format: * .doc. Page format A4, font Times New Roman, font size – 14 point. Margins: left – 3.0; right – 1.5; top – 2.0; bottom – 2.0; interval – 1, 5.

2. Applications to the manuscript

  • The number of UDC(Universal decimal classification) (size 12);
  • Name of the author (size 12), the academic degree, academic title, position, place of work of the author (no abbreviations in two languages: Ukrainian and English), must be denoted directly, in bold type in the nominative case, if there are several authors, the information about each author is submitted in the separate lines;
  • Title (size14), should be written in the middle with the interval from the previous text – 12 pt, in capital letters, in bold type, (in two languages: Ukrainian and English). Decoration of Article.
  • The annotation must be submitted after the title of the article with the interval of one line. The text of annotation must include (size 12, the word “annotationˮ is not written), the volume of 500 characters. The annotation of the article should represent the content of the article in a generalized form, without repetition of the information that is contained in the title of the article (printed in two languages: Ukrainian and English). An expanded annotation in English, the volume of 1800-2000 characters, the Ukrainian translation is attached to the English annotation by a separate file. Please consider during writing the extended abstract (the authorʼs summary) that it serves as a reference tool (for the library, and for the abstracts service), that allows the reader to understand whether to read or not to read the full text.
  • Key words:(should be in bold type indented) a list of keywords should contain from 5 to 10, without allotment in bold type (in two languages: Ukrainian and English). Keywords are separated by a semicolon (;). Figures, tables, with comments and the serial number.


  • Formulation of the problem in general terms and its connection with the important scientific and practical tasks;
  • the analysis of the main studies and publications in which the solution of the problem is initiated and on which the author supports, the emphasis of unsolved before the aspects of the problem, to which the article is dedicated;
  • the formation of the purpose of article (problem);
  • the presentation of the basic material of research with full justification of the obtained scientific results;
  • conclusions and findings of the given research and the prospects of further research in this direction.
  • References (size 12), in alphabetical order, position and page are designated in the text in brackets [3,47]. The number of references should be at least 5 and not more than 15. References should be presented in APA style, and the use of quotation marks in this format: " ˮ (" text ˮ ). The quotes should be from both classic and the latest publications (last 3-5 years) published in the leading specialized journals. The transliterated References are submitted at the end of the article.

The recommendation of the department (division) of the institution where the author works, and the Doctor’s or Candidate’s of Sciences critique is attached to the article; Articles that are written by Doctors and Candidates of Sciences do not need critique. The information about the author is submitted by the separate file with indication of the name, surname, patronymic (middle name) (completely), the academic degree, position, place of work; home address (or address for correspondence), e-mail, mobile or office phone.

    The field of distribution and the category of readers:

  • nationwide, foreign;
  • the academics, universities of all levels of accreditation, the students, the graduate students, the researchers, the professionals who improve their professional competence in the field of the education and pedagogical sciences.

The editorial office reserves the right to shorten and correct the materials. The articles signed by the authors express their own views and not the editorial views.

The authors of publications are responsible for the reliability of the facts, quotations, proper names, geographical names, statistics and other information.

The details for payment of article are sent after the article will pass the internal review.

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